Timeslice sync's with WorkflowMax to send your timesheet entries, appointments and notes, and gets your Job, Client, Task and Staff details. 

Sync'ing happens on a schedule, and any changes are sent between Timeslice and WorkflowMax so that which ever system you are in you're looking at the right data.

Sync'ing can take time, but Timeslice is smart enough to pay attention to the most important bits more often.

Timesheets are sync'ed approximately every 10 minutes

Jobs are sync'ed every 1-6 hours

Clients and Staff sync approximately every 6 hours.

These times are approximate - they depend on the amount of work the sync is doing and how many jobs you have. If you have fewer jobs your sync will be a faster.

Clicking Sync in the main menu bumps your request to the front of the sync queue. It will kick-off in the next few minutes.

View the Sync status at the top right of Timeslice. This let's you know when the last sync was completed, that one is pending, and the progress during a sync. 

Don't worry if a sync is in progress - you can still close your browser window or log out with out affecting the sync.