When you first sign up with Timeslice, you will be guided through the process of connecting to your WorkflowMax account. If you want to change the account you're connected to or if you want to connect to additional WorkflowMax accounts you can do this by accessing Integrations from the main menu.

To connect to a different WorkflowMax account, you'll first need to delete your current WorkflowMax connection. To do this, click Setup next to Workflow Max under the Current Integrations section and then click Delete.

Connect to a new WorkflowMax account by clicking the Connect to WorkflowMax button in the list of Available Integrations. This begins a secure process to authorise the connection. You will be redirected to the my.workflowmax.com log in screen. Enter the login details for the WorkflowMax account you want to integrate with and click Login

The next step is to authorise tracks to sync to this WorkflowMax account. From the drop down list, select the account you wish to authorise. Then click Authorise. Once the authorisation is complete, you'll be redirected back to TimeSlice.

Click Save Settings and you're good to go.