WorkflowMax allows you to give your Jobs a Job State. These help you match the stages in your companies workflow. The default states are: Planned, In Progress, On Hold, Completed, and Cancelled, but you can add your own custom state or remove the defaults to better fit your processing cycle.

The Job State is important to Timeslice. It can only add timesheet entries to a Job that is "allowed" to have time added to it. For example a Job that has been completed and invoiced should not have more time added.

Timeslice play's nicely with the following Job States:

- Planned

- In Progress

- On Hold

 - Any custom Job States with the State Type of Standard or On Hold

Any Job State other than these will be prevented from sync'ing timesheets with WorkflowMax. The helpful little red dot will display on the time entry to show you there is an error, with a message explaining that you are trying to add time to a closed job. If this happens, either change the State of the job (if appropriate) and sync, or add you time to a different Job.